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Welcome! This is the beginning of ReactDOM, a weekly Reactjs newsletter to get you up-to-date with everything React.

This includes Reactjs, React Native and everything related to the React.js framework from Facebook. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss any issues!


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Relay: State of the State

The official state of Relay in 2016 address from Facebook’s React Blog, the creators of many fine things including relay and react. It’s been a year since Relay was released and Facebook upadtes us about what has happened with Relay and goals for the future.


Dan Abramov tells why he saves his React files in .js instead of .jsx

Dan Abramov is the creator of Redux & React Hot Loader, among many other great things in the Reactjs ecosystem and also happens to work on React at Facebook. Hence, his opinions matter and he is kind of a big deal in the React Community. Dan is quite opinated on most things concerning React and he always does offer great reasoning behind his opinions.


Functional CSS – The Good, The Bad, and the React.js

Shu Uesugi has an interesting take on writing what he calls functional CSS in Reactjs. It is a highly opinionated piece, on fucntional CSS and what it is and how to write functional CSS in React. The guide is quite through and definitely worth a look.


React Enlightenment

A free React book written by Cody Lindley. It is another title in the Enlightenment series. The book is still in draft and possibly includes errors. Still worth a read just due to its thoroughness.


A Glimpse Into The Future With React Native For Web

React Native is the mobile version of React. React native was created with the purpose of building mobile apps only using JavaScript. So, React went from being a language of the web to a language from mobile. Now, React Native for Web brings all of its capabilities to the web.


Making sense of Redux

Redux is complex. That is a fact. However, after practice, like in most things, it simply starts to click together. Wilson Mock tells us how he made Relux click for him.


Mastermind board game coded in React

Mastermind is a code breaking game played by two players. This version is coded by Zofia Korcz and the code for it can be found here and an explanation of the code over there. Play with, see how it works and add some own twists of your own!


Using ReactJS to Revive Minesweeper

Check out this revival of minesweeper written in React. For all young-ones, Minesweeper was a hit game that came with Windows came in the 90s. Oh the hours I spent on this game!


React server for blazing fast page load.

React is rendered on the server, which is absolutely necessary for SEO, SEM & UX. The problem with running React on a server, is however a bot more complex. This generator tries to make is as easy as possible. Take it for a spin!


Should You Load CSS in Your React & JavaScript?

Apparently, no. Most people agree that it is best not to load CSS in your Reactjs(or JavaScript) code. Quite some solid reasoning and makes for an interesting discussion.

Well, that’s it for our first every issue. This is the beginning of the greatest Reactjs Newsletter on the internet! Till next time! Don’t forget to subscribe!

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