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Welcome to issue 100.

We’ve come a long way.
Thank you for your continued support.
Starting as React.js newsletter, to becoming the React.js site with React.js News, React.js Jobs, React.js Examples & more!
Everyday we help thousands from all across the world to become better React.js developers.
Here’s to your continued growth as a React.js developer!

This week we learn React.js in a beginner friendly way, take an in-depth look at React Components, discuss React.js & GitHub , and much more!


Nicolas Marcora gives React beginners a starting point.


Nick Parsons discusses lesson learnt.


Best React.js tutorials & books 2018

The comprehensive list of how to learn React.js in 2018, quickly and effectively.


Namratha Subramanya uses React, PubNub Realtime Messaging and React-Bootstrap


Sarah Elson explains React cross browser compatibility.


Kent C. Dodds asks when does it make sense to break a single component into multiple components?


Puyan Wei talks about GitHub stars and React.


Мihail Gaberov discusses what to test in React apps.


Janko Sokolović’s simple React based animation of code rain from Matrix trilogy


Lesha Duda implements it in Gatsby via React.


Testing React 16.3+ Components with react-test-renderer

Russell Briggs does React testing using React Test Renderer.

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