Welcome to issue 103.

This week we use React OAuth Authentication, use React + Webpack for performance boost, build better tests with Jest and much more!


React OAuth Authentication with Firebase.

Esau Silva uses OAuth Authentication in React.


Understanding `static` in JavaScript (with React)

David Leger explains static in JavaScript + React.


Learn React.js now!

Learn React.js as fast as in a month!


Install Component From any UI Library with NPM + Bit

Tom Landau does this using React.


Lazy loading for your SPA.

Martin Callegari shows performance boost with just Webpack + React.


New React.js Remote Jobs

New React jobs daily!


Building and Deploying a React with a Node in 20 mins

Structure’s quick guide to create and deploy a full React frontend with a Node backend.


Build GitHub search in React with RxJS 6 and Recompose

Yazeed Bzadough explains how in a detailed post.


React.js Examples

Projects showing the power of React.


React Refs with TypeScript

Martin Hochel handles React DOM refs and ref forwarding with TypeScript.


How to communicate between Components

Cristi Salcescu takes an in-depth look at components.


React patterns: lambda components & render props

Tomáš Ehrlich explains lambda components and render props.


Reduce unit tests boilerplate with Jest’s .each syntax

Marios Fakiolas writes better unit tests for React with Jest’s .each .

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