Last Updated: December 27, 2018

Welcome to issue 110.

This week we learn why ReasonML + React is great, test with Jest & Enzyme, build reusable React components and much more!


Here’s why ReasonReact is the best way to write React

David Kopal explains why using ReasonML is the best way to build React apps.


How to test React Components using Jest and Enzyme

Linh Nguyen My shows us how.


Learn Ionic


Reusable Components in React

Rajat S gives a practical guide to Reusable Components.


Autocomplete widget with React & ElasticSearch

RC details the process.


Progressive image loading in React Native

Spencer Carli builds and explains.


Epitath: In memoriam React Render Props & HOCs

Gabriel Rubens shows us a third way.


How to make your React apps pretty

Vinh Le outlines Styling in React.


React and Angular: Server Side Rendering

Kashyap Mukkamala in-depth and comprehensive comparison.


React + Java Server Side Rendering

Apurav Chauhan talks about interoperability JSX and non JS.

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