Last Updated: December 27, 2018

Welcome to issue 112.

This week we check learn React fundamentals, discuss React Suspense vs Redux, view React UI libraries and much more!


Learn Lua


Want to learn fullstack React with GraphQL quickly & easily?

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These React Fundamentals You Skip may be Killing You

Ohans Emmanuel explains the most important React concepts you need.


9 React Styled-Components UI Libraries for 2018

Jonathan Saring lists useful React UI libraries built with styled components.


The Suspense is Killing Redux

Ryan Florence discusses if React Suspense kills Redux.


Start Performance Budgeting

Addy Osmani explains why a performance budget can be critical.


How to Eliminate React Performance Issues

Ohans Emmanuel’s guide to eliminating common React performance issues.


OOP & RxJS: Managing State in React with Akita

Netanel Basal shows us how.


A React job interview — recruiter perspective.

Bartosz Szczeciński explains what recruiters want.


So what’s New in Create-React-App v2?

Nwose Lotanna discusses the new features of Create React App 2.


Testing React Applications with react-testing-library

RC gives a hands-on guide to react-testing-library with live examples.


Change detection in Angular & React

Max gives a comparison of the change detection mechanism.

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