Last Updated: October 25, 2018

Welcome to issue 114.

This week we learn Render Props and HOC, understand React’s lifecycle methods, build an Excel clone, combine Next.js with WordPress and much more!


Go from React beginner to React Master.

The new fullstack Advanced React & GraphQL will help you Master React before the year ends!


The best React course for Beginners.

If you wish to get started and learn React effectively & quickly, React for Beginners is for you.


Understanding React Render Props & HOC

Aditya Agarwal’s detailed introduction to Render Props and Higher-Order Components in React.


Understanding React v16.4+ New Component Lifecycle Methods

Mahesh Haldar’s hands-on guide to React’s new component lifecycle methods.


Create a Spreadsheet with React Components & Share them with Bit

Flavio Copes shows you how to build a simple Google Sheets or Excel clone using React.


How to apply SOLID principles in React applications

Tomáš Gold shows SOLID principles and how to apply them in the React.


Headless WordPress + Next.js: What We Learned

Resi Respati lists common practices, pain points, and things to note when building a headless WordPress website.


These tools will help you write clean code

Adeel Imran’s look at Prettier, ESLint, Husky, Lint-Staged and EditorConfig


Styled components V4: the good, the bad, and something completely different.

David Gilbertson talks about issues with styled components.


How to deploy a MERN stack app on Heroku

Aman Mittal shows how to deploy an existing web app built using MongoDB, ExpressJS, Node.js, and Reactjs (often called as MERN stack) on Heroku.


Redux in a nutshell for React developers

Abdo Moha explains Redux.


Getting to know React DOM’s event handling system inside out

Eytan Manor tells us more.

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