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Welcome to issue 12.

This week we feature the first ever GraphQL Summit, cure JavaScript fatigue with ReactJS, style components and much more!


Learn Julia


A Study Plan To Cure JavaScript Fatigue with ReactJS

Why learning React.js will solve your JavaScript woes!


GraphQL Summit 2016 in Tweets

Recap of the first GraphQL conference, curated from hundreds of tweets on #graphqlsummit

GraphQL First: A better way to build modern apps

A way of approaching product development called “GraphQL First.”


Announcing jsxstyle 1.0

jsxstyle is now 1.0.


Styled components — Production Patterns

Styled-components is a library for React and React Native that allows you to use component-level styles in your application that are written with a mixture of JavaScript and CSS.


Using “Fetch as Google” for SEO with React

A little sandbox project to see what Google can index and what it can crawl using ReactJS


React Native and Over the Air

Electrode Over the Air (OTA) is a Microsoft(tm) Code Push compatible server for allowing mobile applications to update with or without user intravention.


Apollo Client 0.5

New features and improvements to make GraphQL even easier


Math: the React.js Way

Thanks to react-real-math you can now harness the power of the React.js Virtual DOM to make your Math blazing fast!

5 Simple Tips for Your First React + Redux Project

Some tips to help you get started.

That’s it for the 12th edition of the greatest ReactJS & GraphQL Newsletter!
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