Last Updated: December 6, 2018

Welcome to issue 120.

This week we look at becoming a web developer in 2019, understand the difference between React Class & React Function, and much more!


Is there any reason not to pick this up at 50% off?

Tick tock. 2018 is almost up. Don’t end the year without learning React.


Here’s 2 months of SkillShare premium. For Free!

In two months, imagine what you can learn!


Learn to code in 2019, get hired, and fun

Andrei Neagoie’s step by step instructions on how to become a web developer from scratch & for free.


How Does React Tell a Class from a Function?

Dan Abramov explains on his barnd new blog about all things React.


React-Redux v6 is live!

React-Redux brings new features and now requires React 16.4 or higher.


Build a Contact Form with React and PHP

Malith Priyashan build a contact form with React and uses it in WordPress.


How to Build Faster with Reusable UI Components in React

Jonathan Saring shows us how.


Build a Login/Auth App with MERN Stack: Part 3

Rishi Prasad focuses on Linking Redux with React Components


Rebuilding Redux with Hooks and Context

Maxime Heckel talks simple global state management package based on React constructs


The Baseline Costs of JavaScript Frameworks

Ankur Sethi asks the cost of running React.


Why Do React Elements Have a $$typeof Property?

Dan Abramov elaborates.

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