Last Updated: December 19, 2018

Welcome to issue 121.

This week we see why you need to learn React in 2019, understand React 16 lifecycle methods and much more!


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Tech Trends Showdown: React vs Angular vs Vue

Andrei Neagoie’s tells you why you need to learn React in 2019.


React 16 Lifecycle Methods: How & When to Use Them

Scott Domes’ revised and up-to-date guide to the new React component lifecycle.


Modernizing the Web Playback UI

Netflix discuss the changes made to their React configuration.


A new approach to mocking GraphQL data

Sashko Stubailo talks how Stripe powers React component tests and examples.


9 React Static Site Generators for 2019

Jonathan Saring chooses a next-generation static site generator for React.


Managing Derived State from Props in React

RC shows Patterns and Anti-patterns for managing State based on Props.


8 React Application Deployment & Hosting Options 2019

Nwose Lotanna gives useful solutions for deploying and hosting your React applications in the cloud.


Using LESS with create-react-app without Ejecting

Malith Priyashan combines LESS with React.


Speed up your MERN workflow in Atom…

Rishi Prasad shows us along with creating your own, fully-customized snippets.


re-Understanding State Management in JavaScript…

Josh J explains by building a library similar to Redux

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