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Welcome to issue 128.

This week we animate React, compare Apollo and Relay, and much more!


From WordPress to React and Raised $80 Million

Yoav Ganbar tells us how his company achieved this.


5 Ways to animate a ReactJs app in 2019

Dmitry Nozhenkotells us.


Learn React Native in 2019.

In 2019, become a professional mobile app developer.


Apollo and Relay Side by Side

Scott Domes helps you decide which GraphQL library to use with React.


Understanding React Default Props

Chidume Nnamdi elaborates.


Pluralsight Free trial!

In 2019, level up your skills.


Build Progressive Web Apps with React

Rajat S transforms a React app into a progressive web app with great performance


React Production Deployment with Netlify

Esau Silva deploys a React app with a back-end API.


Free SkillShare premium!

In two months, imagine what you can learn!


The new React lifecycle methods

Ohans Emmanuel explains in plain, approachable language


11 React Application Boilerplates for 2019

Jonathan Saring gives a list.


Lazy Loading React Components (with react.lazy & suspense)

Nwose Lotanna tells us more.


How to Understand Reducers

Ryan Yurkanin explains.

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