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Welcome to issue 13.

This week we feature ways to get learn ReactJS, get started with Redux Native & Flow, teach ReactJS without ReactJS and much more!




Teaching React Without Using React

What makes React important is the shift from global, template-based layouts to distinct, data-driven components.

How I learned React and how you can too

What is this React you speak of?

Getting Started with React Native and Flow

Flow allows us to easily add static type checking to to your React Native and JavaScript.

ReactCasts #3 – React’s Children API

React’s Children is a top level API that provides utilities for dealing with “props.children”.

React, routing, and data fetching

In React applications at scale, routing, data fetching, and code splitting are naturally linked.

Typed Redux

One of the most popular examples on using Flowtype with Redux is the F8 app, open-sourced by Facebook last year.

What to test in a React app (and why)

What exactly should you test?

How to structure your MobX app for the real world

Refactoring a big Backbone app into a React+MobX app

Introducing React Komposer 2

Performance, Simplicity and Power Lands to React Komposer.

Exponent SDK v11.0.0 released

Exponent SDK 11.0.0 is based on the recently released React Native 0.36.0.

That’s it for the 13th edition of the best ReactJS & GraphQL Newsletter!
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