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Welcome to issue 131.

This week we learn useReducer, useRef, useContext, useMemo, and much more!


React Hooks: Beyond useState & useEffect

Aayush Jaiswal explains useReducer, useRef, useContext, and useMemo.


React: Communication Between Components

Chidume Nnamdi tells us more.


Time to get updated with React!

Learn React updates now!


Setup & deploy React from scratch using Webpack & Babel

Nathan Sebhastian shows us how.


Yeah hooks are good, but have you tried faster React Components?

Seif Ghezala gives 5 simple tips to improve the performance of a React application.


Build a Reusable React Tab Component with Bit

Krissanawat​ Kaewsanmuang creates a React tabs component.


Static website from scratch using Netlify + Gatsby

Eden Adler shows how.


Understanding Error Boundaries in React

Nwose Lotanna elaborates.


Easiest User Validation on authentication

Sandip Guchait tells us more.


Build Progressive Web Apps with React 2

Rajat S transforms a React application into a progressive web app


React/Redux/React-Router Private Route Alternative

Chris D’Ascoli discusses more.

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