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Welcome to issue 132.

This week we learn React.memo(), build a chrome extension, deploy to Heroku and much more!


Improving Performance in React Functional Components using React.memo()

Chidume Nnamdi tells us more.


React Production Deployment with Heroku

Esau Silva deploys a React app with a back-end API and Heroku.


Learn Node and go FullStack!

Learn React updates now!


How to use React.js to create a Chrome extension in 5 minutes

Hu Chen tells more.


How the “Golden Rule” of React components can help you write better code

Rico Kahler explains.


A Hypothesis On How React.js Became So Popular

Shane Tarleton elaborates.


Benefits of using React with TypeScript

Rohit Saraswat lists them.


Lessons learned while building in React Native

Amanda Bullington tells us more.


Do we still need JavaScript frameworks?

Luke Joliat asks.


Create React App is Way Too Bloated

Adrian Li gives the details.


What the heck is the Virtual DOM?

Gracie McGuire wonders.

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