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Welcome to issue 133.

This week we learn to do Redux right, learn the differences between components and classes, make React HTTPS and much more!


Redux ruins your React app performance?

Pavel Vlasov says you are doing something wrong.


How Are Function Components Different from Classes?

Dan Abramov explains the differences.


Learn Javascript fundamentals!

Build your JavaScript foundation.


Making HTTPS request in React

Chidume Nnamdi elaboartes how.


Get “Hooked” on React Hooks

Rajat S show to write better code in React using Hooks.


Build a Reusable Accordion Component with React & Bit

Krissanawat​ Kaewsanmuang details how.


Optimal file structure for React applications

Charles Stover elaborates.


Visual Studio Code for Faster JavaScript Dev

Tilo lists extensions and settings to improve your productivity.


How to get started with Gatsby 2 and Redux

Carl-Johan Kihl guides us.


Make a React Hook out of your Native Module

Michał Chudziak walks us through the process.


Storybook 5.0

Michael Shilman gives the details.

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