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Welcome to issue 136.

This week we build better React Forms, Combine React + Chart.js, choose a React Native stack and much more!


React Form Validation with Formik and Yup

Chris Girard talks better React forms with less boilerplate code.


Writing Your Own Custom Hooks!

Aayush Jaiswal extracts React components logic into reusable functions.


The best React course ever!

Learn React with 16,000 Students!


Customizing Chart.JS in React

Ryan Brockhoff shows how.


How To Implement Smooth Transitions in React

Rajat S explains how to use the React Transition Group Library.


How to detect an outside click with React and Hooks

Andrei Cacio tells us.


How to integrate React Hooks without changing Redux code

Mohammad Iqbal elaborates.


What Every JavaScript Framework Could Learn from React

Ryan Carniato lists them out.


Choosing a React Native Stack That Doesn’t Suck.

Paul van Zyl tells what to use and avoid.


How to Build A Spotify Player with React in 15 Minutes

Joe Karlsson combines React + Spotify Developer API.


Practical React Hooks: How to refactor your app to use Hooks

Ohans Emmanuel’s extensive guide to React Hook Refactor.

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