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Welcome to issue 138.

This week we build React apps for practice, look at a React native casestudy, build highly modular React components and much more!


First React Native app for first freelance client

Charlie Jeppsson tells us how he did it.


App ideas you can build to level up your coding

Florin Pop gives you React Apps to build.


Beginners love this React course!

Start learning React with over 26,000 Students!


Build a Super-Modular Todo App with React and Bit Components

Josh Kuttler on composing a highly modular React application with reusable components from 5 different libraries.


Learn the basics of React Hooks in <10 minutes

Ohans Emmanuel’s illustrated Guide on React Hooks.


A Better Way to Style Material-UI?

Siriwatknp shows the process.


Writing better Reducers with React and Typescript 3.4

Matheus Schettino outlines how.


Higher-order functions: what they are, and a React example

Amber Wilkie explains.


How to Setup Redux: Minimize Boilerplate, Speed Up Development

Onoufrios Malikkides’ guide on how to setup Redux in a generic way to facilitate up to 90% of your API calls


Going from Framer to Framer X

Max Steitle’s designers guide to React.


A beginner’s guide to getting started with React

Ankita Masand takes us on a journey to React.

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