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Welcome to issue 143.

This week we refine our React Dev environment, build Ionic chat with Stream and React, track React errors with Sentry and much more!


Sharpening your axe

Natalie Marleny provides actionable pointers for refining a developer environment.


How to Build an Ionic Chat App with React & Stream

Nick Parsons shows us how.


How to Easily Share and Consume React Components Using Bit

Chidume Nnamdi shows how to easily create, share and consume React Components with Bit.


Building a React Infinite Scroller Component from Scratch

Jonathan Saring builds a React infinite scroll with pure JavaScript and embeds it into a ReactJS component.


Tracking Errors In React App With Sentry

Dmitry Nozhenko teaches us how.


Build a simple Modal Component with React

Eden walks through the process.


Server-Side Rendering with React, Redux, and React-Router

ilker ALTIN tries to find out and explain the differences.


How to use gRPC-web with React

Mohak Puri quickly explains.


How to optimize React applications with Lazy Loading

Al-amin Nowshad details React lazy loading.


Quickly Compose a React Todo App Using Hooks and Bit

Aayush Jaiswal easily composes a simple app with reusable React components from Bit.

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