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Welcome to issue 146.

This week we check out how Netflix uses Redux, make React apps 4x faster, create animations with React Spring and much more!


Netflix makes Android Studio Apps Reactive with UI Components & Redux

Netflix’s Juliano Moraes, David Henry, Corey Grunewald & Jim Isaacs tells us more.


React app 4 times faster

Dominik Tarnowski teaches techniques you can implement to make your React app blazing fast.


Build our own React-Redux using useReducer and useContext Hooks

Chidume Nnamdi talks react-redux library.


React Native Performance: Do and Don’t

Maxence Dalmais shares experiences.


React-redux, the one with the hooks

Yarin Dekel says it’s time to test react-redux hooks.


Creating Animations Using React Spring

Kingsley Silas teaches us.


Best practices for building a large scale react application

Aman Khalid describes the steps to building a large scale React application.


Ant Design 4.0 is in progress

Zombiej gives us an update.


Storybook 5.1

Michael Shilman gives us an update.


Moving to a static site with Gatsby + Netlify + Contentful

Scott Silver describes the entire process and advantages.

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