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Welcome to issue 149.

This week we wonder if it is worth joing the React bandwagon in 2019, build React Components people like, make use of NRG stack and much more!


React in 2019: Is it still worth jumping the bandwagon?

Sonny Recio wonders.


What We Learned Rebuilding Our Site From Scratch

Eric Elliott elaborates.


How we built a component library that people actually enjoy using

Chase McCoy explains.


Learn the MERN stack by building an exercise tracker — MERN Tutorial

Beau Carnes details the process.


Demystifying Flexbox in React Native

Said Hayani shows how to use Flexbox with React Native.


Getting to Know the useReducer React Hook

Kingsley Silas teaches us.


The 10 Component Commandments

Selbekk lists them.


Migrating Existing REST APIs to GraphQL

Mahesh Haldar show how to migrate existing REST APIs to GraphQL with Node.js and Express.


The rise of the NRG stack: Node.js, React and GraphQL

Yair Tal explains.


Testing a React & Redux app

David Alecrim’s detailed guide.

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