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Welcome to issue 15.

Happy Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal hunting and shopping!
This week we transition to GraphQL, authenticate users in React Native & GraphQL, use Relay testing with Jest and much more!


Learn Flask


Relay Integration Test with Jest

“Unit testing is great, snapshot testing is also great, but from my practice the best tests are those that test both backend and fronted (Integration Test)”.


Navigating your transition to GraphQL

The GraphQL-First development process.


Why Redux Need Reducers To Be “Pure Functions”

Redux and why it needs and depends on “Pure functions” from functional programming.


User authentication in GraphQL with Auth0 & Digits

Authenticating users is an integral part of most applications with the goal of make it as easy as possible for users to sign-in whilst still enforcing security.


Advanced Data Tables in React

We will take a look at some data table libraries in React, how they compare to each other, which one we chose, and suggestions which one you should choose depending on your context.


Essential Boilerplate to Authenticate Users in React Native

This article will show you how to create and setup a few useful services to improve the life cycle of your app, to authenticate a user and access protected resources.


So you want to learn React.js?

First, make peace with the fact that you need to learn more than just React to work with React. This is a good thing, React is a library that does one thing really well, but it’s not the answer to everything.


How We Made Our App 5x Faster

An update to our React-Rails app that improved load time by 500%, plus behind-the-scenes tweaks that allow our dev team to build features faster and deploy more often.


Normalizing Redux stores for maximum code reuse.

One of the primary benefits of Redux is that your application state is contained in a single source of truth, with data stored in a normalized structure.


How to win in Web Framework Benchmarks

Two years ago I’ve started my journey to explore Virtual DOM and wrote kivi library. This library is using key ideas from React, but has completely different implementation.
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