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Welcome to issue 150.

This week we explore SSR, implement useCallBack and useMemo, combine Firebase and React and much more!


How to SSR in a serverless environment and make your visitors 400% happier!

Sven Al Hamad explains.


Optimize Your React Functional Components with useCallback and useMemo

Chidume Nnamdi elaborates.


Building a Reusable Firebase Facebook Login Component

Krissanawat Kaewsanmuang explains.


An Android Developer’s Beginner’s Guide to React Native

Nikhil Sachdeva details the process.


Learn Hooks in Just 5 Steps with Example

Prateek Surana lists the steps.


Announcing React Native 0.60

Ryan Turner updates us.


React Loading Screen Tactics — Improving User Experience

Dan Halperin explains more.


React Native DevOps made easy: Part 2 iOS

Vladimir Katansky combines DevOps and React Native.


Learn React Hooks & Context API by building a Recipe Search App

Ola John Ajiboye explains.


Why Did I Have Difficulty Learning React?

Jonathan Snook wonders and answers.

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