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Welcome to issue 153.

This week we get a complete intro to React, optimize React Native, rewrite Slack from scratch with React and much more!

Launch Sale! 25% Off! Best React & React Hooks course in 2019!

Tyler McGinniss launches the ultimate React course. The discount is running out!


The Complete Introduction to React

Samer Buna’s epic guide.


When a rewrite isn’t: rebuilding Slack on the desktop

Slack Engineering tells us more.


Getting Started Optimizing a React Native App

Thomas Kjær-Rasmussen gets us started.


Create a Reusable React Native OTP SMS component

Krissanawat Kaewsanmuang guides us.


21 Performance Optimizations Techniques for React

Mayank Gupta lists them.


react-dynamic-charts for Visualizing Dynamic Data

Daniel Sternlicht tells us more.


Polling with Redux saga

Nitheesh Kr explains.


Web Application Boring Stack

Mischa Spiegelmock tells us.


Secret about React render function

Nguyễn Quyết explains.


Algebraic Effects for the Rest of Us

Dan Abramov demystifies.

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