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Welcome to issue 157.

This week we write clean React code, compare React vs Angular, use React Hooks effecitvely and much more!

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Best React Beginner course in 2019!

Wes Bos will teach you React in a day!


Best React Hooks course in 2019!

Tyler McGinniss launches the ultimate React Hooks course.


14 Beneficial Tips to Write Cleaner Code in React Apps

Jsmanifest lists them.


React vs Angular in 2019: Comparison

Krissanawat Kaewsanmuang opinionated comparison.


About PWAs and audio playback

Luka Buljan talks about lessons learnt.


Case Study: Building a Component Library

Kathryn Grayson Nanz goes in-depth.


Top 5 Animation Libraries in React Native

Said Hayani lists them.


React Code Review

Lucas Chen reviews React code.


How to add a dark mode to React

Erick Wachira tells us.


Using requestAnimationFrame with React Hooks

Hunor Márton Borbély explains.


Rundown of the Most Important React Hooks

Kunal Vishnoi goes through them.


The ABCs of Design Systems

Mike Dick’s alphabet.

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