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Welcome to issue 158.

This week we bolster our React apps, share code between React & React Native, use ESLint and Prettier with React effecitvely and much more!


Best React Beginner course in 2019!

Wes Bos will teach you React in a day!


Best React Hooks course in 2019!

Tyler McGinniss launches the ultimate React Hooks course.

Best prices of the season! Starting at $9.99.

Udmey Summer of Learning!

Udemy courses for only $9.99!


8 Miraculous Ways to Bolster Your React Apps

Jsmanifest lists them.


Share Code between React and React Native Apps

Christian Sepulveda goes in-depth.


How to setup ESLint and Prettier for your React apps

Thomas Lombart explains.


The Right Way to Style Material-UI

Siriwatknp explains.


Beginner’s Guide: Portfolio with Github & Gatsby

Aivan Monceller shows us how.


React Native 0.61 with Fast Refresh

JonnyBurger gives us a rundown.


Build a React & Firebase Blog: Part 1

Ashlee Boyer detailed guide.


React Native: Affordable Cross-Platform for Mobile App Dev?

Juned Ghanchi asks.


Mistakes during development: React/TS/Electron App

Thomas Jang tells us what happened.


Create an infinite loading list with React & GraphQL

FRIN Yvonnick builds it.

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