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Welcome to issue 159.

This week we take a React Hooks crash course, build React spinners, use React with AWS Cognito and much more!


Best React Beginner course in 2019!

Wes Bos will teach you React in a day!


Best React Hooks course in 2019!

Tyler McGinniss launches the ultimate React Hooks course.


React Hooks Mini Crash Course

Chris Achard teaches us.


React Spinners Library

Josh Kuttler shows how.


How to fade in content as it scrolls into view

Selbekk goes in-depth.


Taking React and Redux to the next level with Typescript

Leo Melo explains.


Building in-app notification system in React Native

Vadim Korobeinikov tells us how.


A React HOC for AWS Cognito to Simplify User Authentication

Tony Sellitti gives us a rundown.


Using reanimated transitions as a LayoutAnimation replacement

Krzysztof Magiera explains.


Model-Based Testing in React with State Machines

David Khourshid tells us more.


Understanding React (Routing) with your Angular Knowledge

Cristian Marquez helps us understand.


Implementing Skeleton Loading in React

Adrian Bece shows the steps.

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