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Welcome to issue 160.

This week we put React Hooks into practice, build React clocks, build hamburger menus with React and much more!


Learn React Hooks course in a weekend!

Tyler McGinniss launches the ultimate React Hooks course.


Learn React in an afternoon!

Wes Bos will teach you React within a day!


53 Things Learnt Writing a Game in Javascript & Python

Lina Rudashevski lists them in detail.


Switched to React Hooks

Duggie Mitchell tells us why.


Duplication in State Management: A Story of a Bug

Llorenç Muntaner tells us more.


Making a Neon Clock using React Hooks

Ganesh Prasad goes in-depth.


The most common mistakes when using React

Alex K. lists them out.


So, What the Heck is GraphQL?

Karthik Kalyanaraman ultimate GraphQL guide.


React Native App: White Label 101

Sean Najera explains.


A Guide to Component Driven Development (CDD)

Eden explains.


Lessons Learned From A Buggy React Upgrade

Todd H. Gardner tells us more.


Hamburger Menu with React Hooks & Styled Components

Maks Akyymenko shows the steps.

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