Welcome to issue 161.

This week we build apps using only React Hooks, build React puzzles, integrate Ramada with React and much more!


The Power of React Hooks

Jsmanifest creates an app by using only React Hooks.


Announcing React Navigation 5.0

Satyajit Sahoo announces.


Storybook 5.2

Michael Shilman tells us more.


Making 15-Puzzle using React Hooks

Ganesh Prasad goes in-depth.


Five Trending React Visualization Libraries

Artyom lists them out.


The right way to (Code)Push React Native

Liran Hershko elaborates.


Easily Integrate Ramda with React Workflow

Nate Shoemaker displays how.


Redux without switch-cases (and some other tips)

Reginaldo Junior gives us some tips.


Chaos Engineering & GraphQL

Samantha Wessel explains.


Simple search form in REACT using hooks

Asim Dahal shows the steps.

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