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Welcome to issue 164.

This week we learn from React Async, combine React with Page Visibility API, Implement Idle Timeout in React and much more!


React: Quick cheatsheet for beginners with examples

Aladin Bensassi’s guide to help you save time and effort.


Popular React Hook libraries

Raphael Ugwu lists them.


Build a Blog with Gatsby and Bootstrap

John Au-Yeung tells us more.


Airbnb Home Screen UI Clone with React Native

Krissanawat Kaewsanmuang gives more details.


A roadmap to learn React.

Abner Soares Alves Junior’s list.


From Higher-Order Components to React Hooks

Roy Derks elaborates.


Harnessing the Page Visibility API with React

Seth Corker shows how.


How to Implement Idle Timeout in React

Bhargav Bachina use idle-timeout to improve performance and security.


React Async v9 and beyond

Gert Hengeveld introduces Suspense support and Async Library.


How to Build a Note-Taking App with GraphQL and React: 2

Yomi builds React UI for a GraphQL.

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