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Welcome to issue 165.

This week we cache Instagram Redux, combine Ionic with React, Learn Redux with Next.js and much more!


Making faster: Cache first

Glenn Conner talks Instagram Redux.


React: Lifting state up is killing your app

Andrey Goncharov explains.


Redux Basics Explained From A Beginner’s Perspective

Dylan Mestyanek tells us more.


Announcing Ionic React

Max Lynch announces.


Is GraphQL Still Relevant in an HTTP2 World?

Marc-André Giroux asks.


4 React Native Benefits for Mobile App Development

Django Stars elaborates.


Create Your First React Desktop Application in Electron with Hot-Reload

Jsmanifest shows how.


Migrating a 50K SLOC Flow + React Native app to TypeScript

Adam Terlson explains.


Learn Redux Architecture by building ToDo App with Next.js

Shiono Yoshihide shows us.


Build a Twilio Video Chat with React Hooks

Phil Nash shows how to build it.

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