Welcome to issue 171.

This week we check out the best React Black Friday deals, do React Type Checking, use React Context, validate React forms and much more!


Wes Bos Reactdom Beginner Javascript

The only JavaScript course you need! 50% Launch Discount!

This Black Friday, shop smart. Learn new skills from $9.99

Udemy Black Friday, learn programming at over 90% off!


Pluralsight’s best price ever!


Static vs Dynamic Type Checking in React

Fernando Doglio explains.


15 React Performance tips

Duomly lists them.


Handling React Forms and Validation with Formik and Yup

Aayush Jaiswal shows how.


Use Hooks + Context, not React + Redux

Brian Neville-O’Neill elaborates.


Storybook for design

Dominic Nguyen tells more.


The 100% Code Coverage Myth

Patrick Lee Scott elaborates.


Upload a video from a mobile device to Youtube using React Native

Alisha Vineeth details.


DataLoader v2.0

Lee Byron gives a overview.


Do We Really Need to Separate the Model from the UI? TLDR: No.

Manuel Vila concludes.


Making Desktop apps with Electron, React Native, and Expo

Evan Bacon shows how.

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