Welcome to issue 172.

This week we check the only Cyber Monday React deal you need, see create-react-app, use React Native DevOps, improve React Security and much more!



Cyber Week Deal!The best React course developer at 50% off!


Wes Bos Reactdom Beginner Javascript

The only JavaScript course you need! 50% Launch Discount!


Create-react-app 3.30 released

Facebook tells us more.


React Christmas 2019

2019 edition


Improving User Authentication and Security

Eric Elliott details.


React + MobX Crash Course (in 5 pics!)

Xiaoru Li combines them.


Testing React Hooks With Enzyme and React Testing Library

Kingsley Silas shows how.


How to React Slider

Robin Wieruch elaborates.


Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery with Bitrise in React Native

Mukesh Jangid explains CI/CD.


The Complete React Native Guide to User Authentication with Amplify

Nader Dabit’s epic guide.


200 OK! Error Handling in GraphQL

Sasha Solomon on effectively model “errors” in your GraphQL schema.


ReasonML: React to the Future

Jordan Walke at the ReasonConf US 2019.

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