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Welcome to issue 175.

Last issue of the year! Thank you for being with us through 2019!
This week we learn React Team Principles, check out the top React Libraries, setup React MircoServices and much more!


What are the React Team Principles?

Dan Abramov of the React Core Team at Facebook lists them.


Learn React before 2019 ends!

Tick tock. Tick Tock.


13 Top React Component Libraries for 2020

Fernando Doglio on useful open-source React UI libraries.


Set up React + Node.js Microservices using Docker & GraphQL.

Lucas Chen’s detailed React Microservices videos.


Structuring React code

Mathilde Wærstad goes in-depth.


11 Top React Developer Tools for 2020

Fernando Doglio on React Dev tools you need.


Replacing Redux with observables and React Hooks

Simon Trény explains how and why.


Build a Date Picker using React

Rinas Musthafa does it in 15 minutes from scratch.


React Sight — Visualise your React apps

Nishit Maheta introduces.


6 best React component libraries by category

Areknawo lists them


Two Applications, One Repository

Caroline Odden and Kent Andersen on sharing between React and React Native.

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