Welcome to issue 178.

This week we optimize React performance, Make VSCode React Again, React Accessibility and much more!


10 Ways to Optimize Your React App’s Performance

Chidume Nnamdi on optimize performance to deliver an awesome user experience.


How to learn React?

A quick guide.


10 Practices in VSCode to Hasten Your React Development Flow

Jsmanifest lists VSCode tips.


10 JavaScript Concepts You Need to Master React (+ Cheatsheet)

Reed Barger lists out the path.


The Cost of Investing Too Heavily in a JavaScript Framework

Ryan Smith on what framework to learn.


What I Learned by Transitioning from Backend to Frontend Development

Sonny Recio on switching from building products for frontend developers to building products for users.


Integrating AppCenter SDK with React Native

Said Hayani on Using AppCenter’s services in a React Native application.


Debunking the Myth: Accessibility and React

Mark Steadman does some React mythbusting.


React-spring visualizer

The missing visualizer for your react-spring UI animations.


Next.js 9.2

New features and updates.


Introducing Design Systems CLI

Tyler Krupicka introduces Design systems.

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