Welcome to issue 193.

This week we use Fetch Data with React Hooks, look at React Error Boundaries, Donald Trump in React and more!


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Fetching Data in React using Hooks

Chidume Nnamdi on Making network requests, memoizing, and handling errors using React hooks.


React: Controlled VS Uncontrolled Components

Fernando Doglio on Understanding the difference between controlled and uncontrolled React components.


5 ways that will change how you write React hooks

Adam Klein shares some tips.


React Performance Optimization

Sagar lists them.


Understanding Error Boundaries in React

Chidume Nnamdi on Using the analog for try/catch in React components.


How to use React Ref

Robin Wieruch explains.


Donald Trump Press Conference in React!

Makes uses of create-react-app


Gatsby won against Next.js in this head-to-head

Sidney Alcantara made the same web app in Gatsby and Next.js.


Adios Redux: using React hooks and Context effectively

Ankit Jena on React State.


Apollo GraphQL: How to build a Full-stack app with React and Node

Ibrahima Ndaw epic GraphQL Fullstack guide.

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