Welcome to issue 194.

This week we replace React Lifecycle Methods with React Hooks, learn React Philosophy, study React Interview Questions and more!


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Replacing React Lifecycle Methods with Hooks

John Au-Yeung on using Hooks to replace componentDidMount, componentWillUnmount, componentWillReceiveProps, componentDidUpdate.


React & Node Tutorial – Full ECommerce in 5 Hours

Bassir JD gives a epic tutorial.


React Philosophy For Beginners

ThankGod Ukachukwu shares important concepts every React developer should know and understand.


Enzyme vs. react-testing-library: A mindset shift

Will Soares compares them.


Creating React Forms with Formik

John Au-Yeung on how to speed up your React form development with Formik.


Cheat Sheet for React Interview Questions 2020

Steven Jin lists them.


Replay: cross-platform JS game engine inspired by React

Ed Bentley introduces a React based Game Engine.


Moving from SCSS to styled-components: Advantages and caveats

Eslam Hefnawy shows how in detail.


Introduction to Ant Design

Kapeel Kokane gets us started.


What the heck is React Fast Refresh

Mario Fakiolas asks.

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