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Welcome to issue 195.

This week we build React Desktop apps, speed up Gatsby, wonder if React Hooks will replace React Classes and more!


Do you want to build your first React app?

Build your first React app today!


Thinking of becoming a React master?

Continue your path to React mastery.


Building Native Desktop Apps with React Node GUI

Nathan Sebhastian on How to use your ReactJS skills to build desktop apps.


Will React Classes Get Deprecated Because of Hooks?

Fernando Doglio asks and wonders.


Polling in React using the useInterval Custom Hook

Paige Niedringhaus shows useInterval.


Getting Started with the New React Navigation v5 and Ignite Bowser v5

Harris Robin shows how.


React Testing Crash Course

Gábor Soós explains.


Dealing With Stale Props and States in React’s Functional Components

Pedro Rodriguez goes in-depth.


Speed up your Gatsby application’s build time by 300% with incremental builds

Kristian Freeman introduces Gatsby Incremental Builds.


A React Roadmap for Vue Developers

Negar Jamalifard outlines the steps.


Building a Trello clone with React Hooks and GraphQL

Ganesh Mani shows step by step.


React Animation Libraries for 2020

Shanika Wickramasinghe lists React animation libraries.

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