Welcome to issue 199.

This week we bring FullStack to JAMsatck, learn Recoil, look at Reducer functions and more!


Do you want to build React apps?

Build your first React app today!


How to stop being a React Beginner.

Be an Advanced React Developer.


One Cool Trick to Simplify Reducer Functions

Eric Elliott explains it.


Learn React by building a Weather App

K G Prajwal shows how


React Project Structure Best Practices for Scalable Application

Syakir Rahman outlines.


Bring Full-Stack to the JAMstack with RedwoodJS

Nathan Sebhastian by RedwoodJS uses React, GraphQL and Prisma


Centralizing API error handling in React apps

Aggelos Arvanitakis details the process.


5 Alternatives to React Redux in 2020

Shanika Wickramasinghe lists Redux alternatives.


Create a drag-and-drop component with react-dropzone

Uzochukwu Eddie Odozi explains in detail.


Introducing Reanimated 2

Krzysztof Magiera introcues this React Native animation library.


A practical guide to integrating Google Maps in React

Ovie Okeh gives a guide.


Recoil – Ideal React State Management Library?

Alex Zavalii ponders.

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