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Welcome to the second issue.
Yes, it seems we are not a one hit wonder!

We have Reactjs news from Facebook, Relay Native news and all the great Reactjs blogs and Reactjs Github. Don’t forget to subscribe, so you never miss any issues!


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React Binding Patterns: 5 Approaches for Handling `this`

The this keyword in JavaScript continues to confused and puzzle developers. It is probably the among the more difficult things to learn about JavaScript. Reactjs arguably makes it even more confusing as there are 5 ways to handle the this keyword in React. Cory House tries to explain all the 5 ways to use this in Reactjs.


Dan Abramov clarifies the situation with Reactjs license.

Facebook’s Terms of Service over Reactjs has been a very vocal point of discussion among the community. Dan Abramov, also known as Mr React Hot Loader and father of Redux, clarifies the situation between Facebook and Reactjs Terms of Service. Who better to clarify the situation then someone that works at Facebook on Reactjs? The low down is this: You have no reason to worry unless you intend to be a patent troll. If you do plan to be a patent troll and misuse reactjs, be afraid, be very afraid.


React Fiber Architecture: React’s new core algorithm

React Fiber is an ongoing evolution and rebuilding of ReactJS’s core algorithm. It is based on years of work and research by the Reactjs team at Facebook. React Fiber improves upon animation, layouts and gestures. All of those mentioned are among the core features of React Native. React Fiber’s core philosophy is simple: incremental rendering. Incremental rendering is the process of splitting work into chunks and spread it over multiple frames. At this point there are no plans of React Fiber becoming implemented into Reactjs, but it feels like it is only a matter of time.


Relay 2: simpler, faster, more predictable

Greg Hurrell is a Front-End Engineer at Facebook about Relay 2. As per Facebook, Relay 2 is a massive improvement in many departments. It is simpler to use and faster. He takes about Facebook’s plans for the future of Relay in client-side data management.


Airbnb’s React Dates

Niffy bit of code from Airbnb. React dates is an accessible & mobile-friendly date-picker library for the web that can be easily internationalized. No surprises, given Airbnb uses Reactjs on their own site and write some of the most cutting edge and best Reactjs code on the web.


iOS Calculator coded in React

A very nice clone of the iOS calculator coded entirely using CSS, HTML & some good old Reactjs. Personally, the Windows Calculator is way better than the iOS one. Now if someone would code that in React…


React Native Debugger

With more code, comes more problems. You can’t avoid errors but you can hell as sure debug them. React Native Debugger is a standalone app that allows you to debug react Native code. It is based on React DevTools & Redux DevTools.


Introducing React Native Ubuntu

An announcement that went under everyone’s radar from earlier this month was Canonical announcing that it is now possible to develop React Native apps on the Ubuntu. Existing iOS or Android React Native applications can also be ported. React Native really is picking up steam, huh?

Look at that, we survived 2 issues. I think we can go further, beyond what any Reactjs newsletter has ever gone. See you next week.

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