Welcome to issue 202.

This week we use Styled-JSX in React, add FaunaDB in React, compare Recoil vs Redux and more!


Do you even React?

Start learning React now.


React: Enter Level 2.

Level up your React.


How to build a website with React, Material UI, & Netlify

Sylvia Pap gives an overview.


Styled-JSX for React: How and Why

John Au-Yeung on How and why you should use styled-jsx for your React SPA and SSR apps.


How to integrate FaunaDB in React apps with Material UI

Aman Mittal guides us.


Top 7 UI libraries and kits for React

Chidume Nnamdi points them out.


10 Top Visual Code Extensions in 2020

Shaumik Daityari lists them.


15 React JS Project Ideas: Beginner to Expert

Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb) lays them out.


Drag and Drop Your React App with Webcodesk

Nathan Sebhastian explains Webcodesk.


Recoil vs Redux | The Ultimate React State Management Face-Off

Chandu compares.


Building Web Extensions with Reactjs – from 0 to publish!

Yash Soni builds builds Firefox and Chrome Web Extensions in React!


Testing the react-router useHistory Hook with React testing library

Paul Cowan shows how.

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