Welcome to issue 207.

This week we build React CLI, learn React State Management, Isomorphic React and more!


How to become a React Developer in Summer 2020

Start learning React now.


Creating CLI with React

Shanika Wickramasinghe shows how.


Testing with react-testing-library and Jest

Chidume Nnamdi carries out React testing.


Don’t use create-react-app: Setup your own react boilerplate

Nikhil Kumaran S explains why.


Bringing Modern JavaScript to Libraries

Gary Chew details the process.


SSR with isomorphic JavaScript

Martin McKeaveney shows serverless-side rendering with AWS Lambda and AWS Amplify.


How to create forms with Chakra UI in React

Aman Mittal shares the process.


React State Management in 2020

Julian Garamendy tells more.


Bumbag – A React UI Kit

Bumbag is a friendly React UI Kit.


How to Make a Silky Smooth Scroll in React

Bernardo Garza Landa makes React silky smooth.


React TypeScript – How To Set Types on Hooks

Ibrahima Ndaw explains.

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