Welcome to issue 208.

This week we checkout React 17, learn React Spectrum, Agree with React is King and more!


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React v17.0 Release Candidate: No New Features

Dan Abramov and Rachel Nabors introduce the first major React release in two and a half years.


State of Frontend 2020: React is King

TSH surveys prove React is the undisputed king of frameworks.


Introducing React Spectrum

Jaemi Bremner introduce’s Adobe React Spectrum


How to setup HTTPS locally with create-react-app

Ganesh Agrawal shows how.


Implementing Micro Frontends with single-spa and React

Nathan Sebhastian explains the process.


Why React projects still use Redux in 2020?

Alexandru-Dan Pop leads the discussion.


Richer, more accessible UIs with React Spectrum

Yusuff Faruq tells more.


React infinite scroll in few lines

Son Goku shows how without using any Dragonballs.


Blitz.js vs. RedwoodJS

Ganesh Mani compares the two new Reactframeworks.


Gatsby Website in AWS: Free Hosting Under 5 Mins

Ashan Fernando displays how.

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