Welcome to issue 217.

This week we use build a Amazon clone using React, learn React Context API, build offline first React app and more!


React for Beginners 2021

Get started with the React Framework!


Amazon Clone using ReactJS — The Ultimate Guide

Atharva Deosthale gives a epic tutorial.


The ultimate guide to modern web application performance

Gaspar Nagy’s ultimate guide.


React Context API

Priyanshu Saraf tells us more.


Reduce Redux Boilerplate Code with Redux-Actions

Madushika Perera lays it out.


Building an Offline-First Web App with create-react-app

Supun Muthutantrige shows how.


TypeScript tricks that allow you to scale your app endlessly

Roman Sedov lists them.


Redux, The Ultimate State Management Library For JavaScript

Priyanshu Saraf explains more.


Managing state with React Context

Olena Drugalya shows us how.


Getting Started with Malina.js

Chidume Nnamdi introduces us to Malinajs.


Wouter: A Minimalist Alternative to React Router

Nathan Sebhastian tells us more.

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