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Welcome to issue 22.

This week we get to learn all about developing React Components, make a game in Reactjs and Redux, use webpack with GraphQL and much more!


Learn Assembly


Implementing Array Methods as React Components

If you’ve worked with React for a while, you’ve undoubtedly ran into this situation.


Tic-tac-toe game in React and Redux

In this article I will show what paradigms I kept in mind while I was building the 2-players tic-tac-toe game in React and Redux.


How to declare React Components in 2017

One of the confusing aspects when learning React is understanding the seemingly infinite different ways that you can declare a component.


React at 60fps

React is an abstraction over the DOM and as any abstraction, it has its costs and limitations that you may hit sooner or later.


Different layouts with React Router

Here’s a great tip if you’ve ever wanted to handle different layouts for different sections of your website built with React Router.


My way from REST to GraphQL

You all know about GraphQL, right?


Using Ex-Navigation in React Native

Navigation in React Native is confusing for someone new to React Native.


React Native Basics: Geolocation

I’ve been using the Geolocation API in React Native a fair amount lately.


Webpacking your GraphQL Documents

Now you can write queries in .graphql files and use imports to load fragments.


GraphQL: Is It Worth the Trouble?

The following is the story of what we’ve found by playing around with GraphQL.
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