Welcome to issue 221.

This week we learn Redux fundamentals, use Typescript with React, compare Nextjs vs React and more!


Learn React before the year ends!

Start becoming a React Dev!


7 code smells in your React components

Anton Gunnarsson lists them out.


The last guide to the useEffect Hook you’ll ever need

Sebastian Weber tells us more.


How to Do a Device Based Code Split in React

Miroslav Nikolov outlines the process.


React patterns to avoid common pitfalls in state management

Lawrence Oputa shows how.


React Native at Wix

Omri Bruchim shares the React Native journey.


How to build a search bar in React

Emma Goto shows how.


Why you should adopt React Hooks instead of classes

Nwose Lotanna explains.


Chonky 2.0 – A React file browser

New version.


KISS, SOLID, YAGNI And Other Fun Acronyms

Fernando Doglio explains acronyms for software developers.


10 Things Front-End Developers Should Learn in 2021

Simon Holdorf lists them out.

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