Welcome to issue 229.

This week we practice for React interviews, list React essentials for 2021, switch React themes & much more!


Wes Bos New Year 2021 Sale!

Happy New Year Sale on ALL Wes Bos courses! Don’t miss it!


React For Beginners New Year Sale!

100% React. 0% Bullshit.


300+ React Interview Questions

Mikhail Sakhnyuk shares the list.


How To Learn React in 2021: The 7 Skills You Need To Know

Reed Barger tells us.


Udemy New year Sale!

We’ve listed some of the best here.


Video Chatting and Screen Sharing with React

Arjhun777 shows how.


Theming and Theme Switching with React and styled-components

Tapas Adhikary explains.


Skillshare 14 days FREE!

We’ve listed some of the new and best ones here.


Design Systems with React’s Server, Shared & Client Components

Alicia Jones lays it out.


React Server Components

Nathan Sebhastian reminds its not server-side rendering.


Top choices for React lazy loading libraries 2021

Fortune Ikechi tells more.


Advanced React New Year Sale!

Master React without any fluff.


TypeScript, React, and create-react-app: Leveraging the power of Types

Juan Cruz Martinez tells us.


How to Build a Meme Generator with RedwoodJS

Michael B elaborates.


Data fetching in React

Gigi Sayfan’s epic guide to React data fetching.

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