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This week we learn React authentication, use React headless table, essentials of React app architecture and more!

Level up your React with Gatsby!

The Best Gatsby Course for Professional Developers.

Advanced React – Updated for 2021!

The Best React Course for Professionals.

React authentication, simplified

Tyler Warnock gives a detailed guide.

React Table: The Headless Table Library for React

Piumi Liyana Gunawardhana on 4 steps guide to creating a table with search and filter options.

Udemy May 2021 Updates!

Checkout some of the best here.

The Essentials of a React Application Architecture

Ilia Kniazev explains.

Improving slow mounts in React apps

Aggelos Arvanitakis explains.

Complete Guideline to Modern React App With TypeScript From Scratch

Mohammad Faisal says you”ll love create-react-app even more.

What’s New in React Hook Form V7

Chinwike Maduabuchi lists them out.

Get ready for your React Interview

Hannah elaborates.


Mantine is a MIT licensed open source react components and hooks library with focus on usability, accessibility and developer experience.

Top React Native boilerplates for 2021

Carlos Mucuho lists them.

AWS Loves Next.js

Dilantha Prasanjith on How AWS provides seamless development and deployment experience for Next.js apps.

Learn React in a few hours this week

Made for beginners.

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