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This week we bundle split and lazy load in React, use Axios, try out Renature and Appium and more!

Spring Sale 2021! Learn React in a few hours!

Made for beginners.

Level up your React with Gatsby! Spring Sale 2021!

The Best Gatsby Tutorial for Professional Developers.

Top 7 Libraries for Blazingly Fast ReactJS Applications

Mohammad Faisal lists must-have tools for a rock-star developer.

5 Techniques for Bundle Splitting and Lazy Loading in React

Minura Samaranayake on Practical examples using Webpack and React.

Udemy May 2021 Updates!

Checkout some of the best here.

Coinbase’s animated TabBar in React Native

Jacob Thornton explains.

React for Beginners: The Complete Guide for 2021

Reed Barger gives an updated guide.

How to use Testing Library to test Storybook

Yann Braga shows how.

useAxios : A simple custom hook for calling APIs using axios

Yogini Bende gives a walk through.

Behind the scenes of 1Password for Linux

Dave Teare talks about the process.

Creating physics-based animations in React with renature

Nefe James talks about Renature, a physics-based animation library for React.

Testing your React Native app with Appium

Eze Sunday explains.

Introduction to React Hooks — useState

Nandit Shah on Basics of React Hooks — the useState hook.

Spring Sale 2021! Advanced React – Updated for 2021!

The Best React Course for Professionals.

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