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Welcome to issue 25.

The Silver Jubilee issue. We’re almost Golden!
Thanks for joining us in this journey to becoming a React rockstar.
The best is yet to come!
This week we look at app animations using Lottie, learn React Native properly, query data using GraphQL and much more!


Learn F#


5 Things I Learned in 2 Years as a Backend Developer

I have been working as a backend developer for 2 years now, in a small team of 4 developers. This is what I’ve learnt.


Learning React-native in the right way

What we really want is the user experience of the native mobile platforms, combined with the developer experience we have when building with React on the web.


App Animations with Lottie by Airbnb

We have all heard of (or even used) Airbnb at some point — a giant that has dominated and revolutionized the travel industry for the past few years.


Querying Relational Data with GraphQL

One of the biggest benefits of GraphQL is how it allows you traverse hierarhical data in a single query.


GraphQL & React tutorial (part 2/6)

GraphQL & React tutorial is a series of posts following the development process of a “Inbox Zero” style todo list application,
built with the most innovative and production ready tools as of early 2017.


Some thoughts about JavaScript in 2017

Amongst all this amazing frameworks and libraries there is one that I find absolutely remarkable, namely React.


Scripting Native App with React Native

There are many reasons why building a native app is more difficult than working on web.


Authentication in GraphQL

We believe that GraphQL is the future of APIs so let’s spend a little bit of time discussing how to go about protecting them.


CRAFT: Create React App From Template

If you’ve ever used create-react-app and wished you could customize the code it generates, read on.
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