Welcome to issue 261!

This week we check out Material-UI 5, Refactor JavaScript, learn Import & useEffect in React and more!

No More ../../../ Import in React

Nilanth configures absolute Import in Create React App without any third-party packages.

You don’t know useEffect

Trung Hieu Nguyen explains useEffect from React Hooks.

August’s best React course!

Refactoring JavaScript: Common Problems & How to Fix Them

Fernando Doglio on 5 things your JS code should never have.

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Material-UI 5 is Coming

Minura Samaranayake gives an overview of the upcoming Material-UI 5 release.

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Creating an offline-first React Native app

Stephan Miller explains offline first.

Implementing user registration and authentication with Strapi and Next.js

Doğacan Bilgili uses using Strapi CMS with Next.js.

Using Nuxt and Supabase for a Multi-User Blogging App

Nader Dabit gives a epic Nuxt + Supabase guide.

How to send emails from a React app with Netlify Functions

Joseph Mawa uses Netlify functions with React.

Create React App without create-react-app

Riddhi Agrawal uses basic React.

How to build an app with Hugo

Precious Luke builds static sites with Hugo.

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