Welcome to issue 273!

This week we learn React architecture for enterprise, use ViroReact, ditch state management in React and more!

Better React Today for a Better Future!

React Architecture for Enterprise Application

Nilanth shows how.

React doesn’t need state management tool

Štěpán Granát makes a bold claim.

How to build an AR/VR app with ViroReact

Zain Sajjad shows how.

Creating a React component with TDD

Matti Bar-Zeev creates.

Best practices for React iframes

Chiamaka Umeh lists them.

Using Recharts in React to add charts

Precious Luke uses Recharts.

Creating React Native animated toast messages from scratch

Kevin Tomas makes React Native toast.

Experimenting with React Freeze

Krzysztof Magiera introduces React Freeze.

Scaling the Microsoft Teams Component Libraries (TCL) in Figma

Josh Cusick explains.

Introduction to SolidJS

Iniubong Obonguko introduces SolidJS.

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